My last day in Gotland

2016-08-19 17.49.22So apart from taking writing-classes I have been going to seminars and having a great time! I even met some new people that I hope I will stay in touch with.

Before going home again, today Saturday, I had pre-booked a bus-tour with author Anna Jansson, who´s the vindictive brain behind a long series of stories featuring police Maria Waern. If you haven´t read them, I suggest you try one:) She also writes a new feel-goodseries about a hairdresser named Angelica, which I personally enjoy.

2016-08-20 12.28.58

She took us to several spots where she had bodies dumped and then we had coffee at Fridhem, the summer-home of princess Eugenie in late the 1800s. She actually happens to be one of the first un-married women to become legally independent and able to take care of her own money. She spent them wisely too, on the house and several charities including a local orphanage, hospital and school.

2016-08-20 11.53.37

Fridhem is just a lovely place with a lot of the original interior intact, and a fantastic view. You can actually stay there at their bed&breakfast.

2016-08-20 11.46.34

2016-08-20 12.30.23