Learning to write

Yesterday I took a full day of writing classes at Crimetime. I don´t write crime but I figured that did´t matter too much, since writing is writing after all and you need a story, characters etc in any kind of genre-writing.

The funny thing is that because Scandinavian Crime has become such a success all over the world this wing-school was more about making money and getting published than actual writing…I´m sorry – but if you don´t finish writing the book there is nothing to publish! Something some of the participants seemed to kind of forget.

The day was divided into very short 30-min lectures on different themes, held by different authors and at the end publishers and agents.

It was very interesting and I got inspiration from different new angles, even though the writing fell to background.

2016-08-18 12.06.18

Today I took a long leisurely morning in my room and when I finally went outside and attended a few seminars I decided to go for what I thought might be fun. Which included two forensic analysts explaining in detail how they examine a crime scene. THAT was interesting indeed!! Now I know what to avoid if I ever need to murder someone.

The mirror in my hotel bathroom is great for selfies, but it also includes the loo. Sorry about that! The dress is Diane von Furstenberg and I bought it in New York last year for a steal. Because the streets here are cobbled and my knees have a tendency to go wobbly on that kind of flooring, I went with ballerina flats. And because of the rain my hair is just a big fluffy mess:)