Entering the world of Crime

So today was my first day at the festival and it started off with a bang, an all-day writing-class. Quite fun to listen to the speakers, even if I don´t write crime. I write about luv, as some of you may know. But writing is writing after all, and the same rules apply to all genre-writing I guess. Good characters, fast pace, and a great story are all ingredients to make the perfect book.

It was a good five hours well spent, and after that I went to listen to a few other speakers. Isn´t it funny how your perception of a person can change as you see and hear them irl? There were writers I immediately decided to buy, and some I decided to pass on now and probably forever. Marketing can not only make a book, I´m pretty sure it can break it too, if the person promoting it does´t come on as sympathetic or even likable. At least thats the way I work…

So I came back to the hotel with a bag full of books and a t-shirt.

I decided to have a decent meal and went next door to the hotel´s own restaurant. I have eaten in other locations of the same chain, and know the food is good.

But what bothers me is the way you are treated as a single eater, and mostly as a single female guest. I was immediately told I could only have a table until 19:30, but was welcome to sit and eat in the bar. A not very subtle hint that they wanted to keep the tables for couples…but of course I took a table. I´m a bit obstinate that way. And the table was nice, the meal good but afterwards when I asked if I could book a table for Friday evening I was told the computer was broken, and so they couldn´t book…Excuse me?

Well, they took my name and number and told me they would get back tot me if they could´t get me a table. I´m sure they will.

This is really a common phenomena when you eat out as a single lady, and it is really annoying.

I have learnt to ignore the fact that people see me as a very strange person when I eat alone, but I´m sorry folks, I don´t intend to starve because you guys find it strange that a single lady eats alone. I like to people-watch and so I rarely pick up a book or a phone to keep entertained these days. I just enjoy my meal. But I don´t enjoy the bad service you get as a single eater…

When are restaurants going to understand that some good service just may generate good tips? Even from a single lady.