Dinosaur-hunting, and I´m not talking about me!

When my son was younger he was a huge dinosaur-fan, like I guess most little boys these days. His favorite museum was of course the Natural Science museum.

When I was a kid and we went on school-trips to Stockholm (from the country town where I lived), going to this museum was a nightmare. It was full of stuffed, moth-eaten creatures, butterflies on pins and glass-jars filled with intestines, brains and worms…

But then came technology, and the museum decided to open Cosmonova, basically a huge cinema with surround system and surround screens. It was a HUGE hit, when they showed space movies (documentaries that is, it is a museum after all!) where you could actually feel like you were floating in space. This was of course before 3D and iMax and all that. Anyways, the queues were enormous and you had to book a ticket weeks in advance. The result being that the museum earned a lot of money that they wisely spent on modernising the whole place. And the first thing they did was a dinosaur-exhibition.

2016-08-08 15.29.15

These were kept in the kids corner, I wonder if they were really so glamouresly golden when they were alive?

To be fair it was´t JUST dinosaurs, it was volcanoes and the big bang and the birth of Earth. AND dinosaurs, extinct mammals of all kinds and neanderthal-people. My son LOVED it, and in those days we even got a Friends of the museum-card so we could visit often. Which meant that son would lecture me for 2 hours about every exhibition-piece, as he had learned them all by heart!

This summer he said wistfully that he wanted to visit again. “It´s been a long time”, and so it has. So we took the bus on a humid, windy and partly rainy day all the way to the Natural Science museum, which is in a pompous old brick-building from the 1800s. It really looks like a museum!

We checked out the new dinosaur-exhibition (I missed the dinosaur-baby curled up under a sign “Don’t disturb, I´m sleeping” that I used to love) and the exhibition about human evolution, but we spent most time with the Earth and the Climate. That part always gives me  bad feeling, as I love to travel and so really do not live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Not even considering that I do re-cycle, do travel on public transport and not eat red meat very often. But conscience aside, it was a very good exhibition.

2016-08-08 15.56.10

After we had, as tradition will have it, coffee and cake in the museum café. This place has always been one of the best, and the cakes are still really top-notch! The outdoor-sitting area is lovely and quiet, and now they also have a great little cry-garden that shows plants that can be cultivated in the city (I would think that would be anything that grows, but I guess I did´t read the leaflet). It started to rain, just as we sat down, but it was still lovely.

2016-08-08 15.28.48

I just love it when the garden is a bit jungle-ish…

Oops, I almost forgot. I do think Mr Neanderthal looks kind of sexy, I know men are supposed to be hairless these days, but I have to say I´m not into that, at all.

2016-08-08 16.14.42

I know, I could of taken a close-up! But this picture was an after-thought taken just before we had to run for the bus back home.