In my hoods

I have had the Teenage Mutant at home all summer. He´s not actually a teenager anymore, he goes to University, but when he is home over the holidays he is regressing. So Teenage Mutant is still appropriate…

We´ve had a pretty good summer, apart from the odd discussion about Uni, laziness and lack of organizing – but overall it´s been good. For my vacation I just wanted to rest after a hectic Spring, but we have been good at walking (Pokemon Go helped!) and going to the gym. We both need activity!

I live in the city with a 30-min walk to work downtown, and this new area has really turned out very nice. When we moved here in 2011 it was still very much a work in progress, and it was sometimes hard to imagine how everything would turn out. Now it is actually one of the more popular areas in the inner-city and you have to wait up to 20 years to get an apartment here. We were lucky, because I had just 6 years when we were offered our first place a 2bedroom-flat. I have now down-sized, simply because the rents are horrendous…

These are my hoods.

2016-08-02 19.18.03

Yes, you can take a swim right here, in middle of the city!

2016-08-02 19.25.47

2016-08-07 18.11.28

It´s all about the water! But that´s Stockholm, really.

2016-08-07 17.46.16

All this walking this summer has made me appreciate this part of the world a little more. For a time now I have been wondering about finding a new place, but in the summer there is no better place!