Starting to find my way!


2014-03-06 13.19.39

Soon I´m having my long waited for-holidays for four weeks, and I realize I´m entering the same zone I enter every year before holidays. I´m not sure it´s because I work hard to get my desk cleaned before I´m off, or if it is because 4 weeks of free time puts pressure on me to actually DO something…

But in this zone I try and take time to evaluate my life and consider where I´m going. The past two years have been kind of turbulent in my private life and now I´m looking for balance and more calm. That will need some planning and consideration.

The fact that the world sometimes seems like a really dark place and hate and violence is all around actually makes me think about it more. Life is so short and precious, I want to use it and live it the way I find best and make sure I do what I want.

I  want to finally DO something about my plans for the future. I want to retire in four (3 1/2 years) and I have to make sure I can afford it, and then go for it. I know everything can happen during those four years – health, economy, whatever…but if I don´t plan it will NEVER happen, right? So I´m trying to think forward. I just bought myself some freedom by applying for shorter work hours with my company, and so next year I will take some university course (not sure what yet) and work 80 % and 60% through the year. The plan is to do some writing as well. It´s been 2 years since I started my little romance-project and it´s time to finish it!

Part of all that is the process going on in my wardrobe. To me fashion has always been about expressing myself. I have been a metal rocker, a hippie, a punk rocker, a vintage girl and a lot of other things, and not necessarily in that order, but in my own way. Expressing myself through my clothes is not about how much money I spend, but about who I am at that moment in time. And that does´t change because I grow older. Actually, now is an exciting time in my life to start something new!