The day after Eurovision

I feel obliged to give you a follow up on last night and the Eurovision. Not being an aficionado I did not manage to see through it all…but the best performance of the night was outside the competition anyway. Watch this!

Justin Timberlake and Eurovision

Obviously Ukraine won with an interesting song about the deportation of the tartars from the Krim Peninsular in 1944. An original theme for a Eurovision-song!


I´m gonna start by making a disclaimer: I´m NOT a Eurovision-fan! And I find it slightly ridiculous the way Eurovision has changed from being an European event to include countries that obviously do not belong to Europe like Australia and Israel (and some might also say Turkey, but I guess that is borderline…)…

Last year Sweden won the competition (again, we are obviously good at pop-songs) and this time they decided to host it in Stockholm. Being a Stockholmer I can´t miss it however much I try so I decided to embrace it.

The area that is open to the public is Kungsträdgården, otherwise I guess its a pretty secluded invitation list. Can´t say I thought it looked much fun, but I´ve been told there has been concerts and karaoke and other stuff going on, so maybe I´m biased.

The weather has been great this week so I hope the masses of people coming here from all over the place has taken the chance to enjoy Stockholm and the parts of the city that really is beautiful!

These are my 5 top things to do in Stockholm:

  1. Take a boat into the archipelago – Stockholm was built on islands, there is no better way to experience the city than to get on a ferry and watch from water. If you don’t want to go all the way out into the sea, you can take one of the boats to the suburb of Vaxholm and then take a bus back into the city.
  2. Eat smörgåsbord on the Veranda in Grand Hotel – you eat very well and get to watch people!
  3. Stroll through the Old Town. You really should´t miss it, even if a local like me does it very rarely because the place is crowded with tourists. If you want to have Swedish Meatballs this is probably the place to do it, the rest of Stockholm only serve it on the kid´s menu.
  4. SoFo, is the are on Södermalm (the southern part of Stockholm city) and very charming. Full of vintage shops, cafés, hipsters and REALLY expensive apartments. The trendy Stockholm, and if you get down the water on the southern end you can take a ferry over to Hammarby Sjöstad and see a modern interpretation of the city on the water. Some hate it, personally I´ve grown to love Hammarby Sjöstad and would´t mind living there myself.
  5. Get a tourist card for the buses and the metro and go wherever your nose points you. I prefer the buses, but thats a matter of taste. Many metro stations have been artistically embellished (specially the blue metro-line going north from Kungsträdgården) so that could be fun, but personally I jump on a bus regularly just for fun and travel as far as it gets me and then walk until I find another one. Best way ever to get to know a city!

In Stockholm you can’t buy tickets in the metro or the buses by cash, so I really advise you to either get a tourist card or a blue travel card as soon as you arrive!

Now, its time to hit the champagne and enjoy the Eurovision!

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