Clean-up spring wardrobe

4-bildsserie 2016-04-03 kl. 11.46 #2

Part of my wardrobe – very organized and neat!


So it´s that time of the year when I need to clean up my wardrobe, which I do on a regular basis twice a year.

Most times I´ve just pulled out all my stuff and then promptly gone through it and

1.put everything back that I love and use

2. put everything that I hate, am bored with etc in a pile for throwing away/selling


3. ended up with a huge pile of maybes that I have to try on, maybe fix (hem,zipper etc) or just save because I love it too much.

This year I am doing a few things differently. I am re-assessing my style which have been more or less vintage inspired for 7 years now, and thinking about ways to change that a little bit. I still love my retro clothes but I don´t want to look like a costume drama when I walk down the street…

So hair is now more natural and wavy/curly. And still black. I did a detour into dark brown, but it just was´t ME, so I´ve gone back. I don´t give a s-t if I´m really too old to do black hair, I´m doing it anyway!

But clothes – I´m sort of gravitating towards the boho-look, but I do think that look is best on the slim, flat chested girls with preferably long legs. I´m none of these things. Maybe incorporate some boho-pieces into the wardrobe? The jury is still out on that one…

Another thing is the fact that I went a bit crazy last year, buying tons of new stuff for summer. And so I´m not really allowing myself to buy anything new this year (and ofc you know I´ll break that rule immediately). So the idea is to use existing stuff and still find new ways to make them interesting. THAT will be fun, and interesting!


4. Need to think about style and what to do about it and incorporate new elements.

5. Maybe let myself add a few new things, mainly accessories (?) and make a list. Plan ahead!

6. Think about separates? I have very few today, preferring the simplicity of the dress. But maybe I should get into the BIG project, and try and find a pair of well-fitting jeans? I would really like a pair for travelling…But I do HATE trying to find a pair. I have a slim waist and huge bum. Jeans just were not made for this shape. Any ideas out there?