Clean-up spring wardrobe

4-bildsserie 2016-04-03 kl. 11.46 #2

Part of my wardrobe – very organized and neat!


So it´s that time of the year when I need to clean up my wardrobe, which I do on a regular basis twice a year.

Most times I´ve just pulled out all my stuff and then promptly gone through it and

1.put everything back that I love and use

2. put everything that I hate, am bored with etc in a pile for throwing away/selling


3. ended up with a huge pile of maybes that I have to try on, maybe fix (hem,zipper etc) or just save because I love it too much.

This year I am doing a few things differently. I am re-assessing my style which have been more or less vintage inspired for 7 years now, and thinking about ways to change that a little bit. I still love my retro clothes but I don´t want to look like a costume drama when I walk down the street…

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