Time to start over


2010-09-09 09.27.44

I can´t imagine it´s already been nine months! Nine months since my last entry…

And here I go again.

Yesterday I hade one of my twice yearly wardrobe clear-outs, and I realized I´ve bought a LOT of new stuff this last year. Now is the time to reflect and wonder about style, color etc.

I do think the concept of a minimalist wardrobe is beautiful, but so far I can´t imagine how it´s gonna work for me. First of all I´m not a separate-type of person. I just LOVE dresses. So the concept of just owning 37 pieces of clothing and make them work for all aspects of my life is still a long process…

I have been looking for inspiration on the internet and found quite a few 50+ bloggers on fashion-related topics. I have so far not found a single one who loves retro/vintage the way I do, and who´s 50+ (55+ to be honest). So I guess I can hope I still inspire some lady out there. Even though my first aim is to inspire everyone to be themselves! At any age, gender, body type etc.

Now and again I doubt myself. I look in the mirror and I wonder if NOW is the time to step into the line again and become more age-appropriate. It usually never last longer than a few days. Because if I can´t like and recognize the person I see in the mirror, what then?

Last week I attended a two-day course through work and realized on the first day that I was the only person not wearing trousers. On the second day I was the only person wearing color (green) and not black or beige. It does take a bit of confidence to stand out in a crowd, but to be honest at least 80 % of the time people give you compliments and enjoy the fact that someone is trying something new. So don´t be scared! Take the plunge! Especially if you are older – what have you got to loose? Older women are invisible in modern society, so we might as well do what pleases us, right? If it upsets some younger people, so be it!

I´ll be back with pics of my new wardrobe, and I hope you will come back and enjoy:) See ya!