When things change

I´m not really good with change. I think I am, but to be honest I prefer to hold on to things as they are for as long as possible. But sometimes you have to realize it´s not good for you or anyone else and you have to let go.

This Spring I have let go. First TOM moved out, and we stayed lovers and friends until we realized it was like flogging a dead rat (I know it should be a cat, but I can´t imagine flogging a cat, even if it´s dead). It hurt, but there was a bit of hope for a while, but now the hope is gone it hurts more. Being middle-aged I know it will keep hurting for a bit, and then be better. Thankfully.

Then I let go of son. We have had terrible arguments and driving each other crazy, and him being a teenage mutant he just  could not find his way in life. But he got his own flat, moved out and now it´s looking like the horizon could be brighter again.

I´m not posting any pics this time, but I´ll be back and my wardrobe is bigger than ever due to some serious retail therapy:) so hold on!

It´s been a terrible Spring, and during those times I find it really hard to blog – even though I myself appreciate bloggers who dare to share even the darker times. But things always gets brighter by time. Always.