A middleaged female nerd travels to Cologne

So my nerdy son managed to persuade me, I travelled to Cologne, Germany with him and the largest videogames fair/exhibition in the World – Gamescom. Well, to be honest it did not take too much persuasion. I´m a nerd at heart! A female middleaged nerd – quite a rare breed! Ever since I looked over his shoulder when he played his first game of World of Warcraft when he was 11, I have also been hooked. Even though I admit I don´t play much atm because it just takes too much time! Son managed to secure a Wild Card for the day Before the fair actually opened, and so I accompanied him there and then spent a few hours on my own Downtown. That was about the only time I actually saw anything besides the fair! 2014-08-13 16.44.23 300 000 visitors are a LOT of people. And a lot of time was spent just Walking through the enormous halls and to the next thing we wanted to see. I lost 4 Pounds during this visit, even though we just had pizza, pasta and German sausages for dinner… 2014-08-17 15.04.51 We spent A LOT of time queing as well. Some smart people had small folding chairs with them. A tip from me: if you want to make a fortune at the next Gamescom, sell these at the door or outside. I would´ve paid a fortune for a folding chair!! But that aside, everyone was patient and calmly waited their turn – this was Germany, not Italy (don´t get my going on the Airport in Rome!)

2014-08-17 16.09.10

There were some great cosplayers around, and I really enjoyed that. If I had just a bit more guts I would join them in a wink! This dark-clad guy scared the living Daylights out of me, as I was absolutely certain he was a statue, when he suddenly moved…

2014-08-17 15.03.58



Not all of those games that we waited ages to play delivered, but I can tell you some that did:) WITCHER 3 will be on my bucketlist, and if I just had some more sparetime in my Life I can Think of a Blizzard game I´d try and some by Obsidian:)) The photos are really crap I know, but I mostly used my Iphone…

In the evenings we were totally exhausted and so spent at a lot of time in the hotel. It was a fairly good 4 star hotel Close to the center, but if we go again I would most certainly spend some extra cash and get one with proper room service and a gym (and even a spa! a massage would have been wonderful after a day at the fair!). So if you get the chance: GO! And if you have teenage gamers in your family, why not go with them? It´s a bonding vacation you will never forget.