Diplomacy on the third day of Christmas


On Boxing Day we Went to the Theatre, and I made a real effort to look nice! I put on my new black 40´s dress from Trashy Diva, and a bolero from Collectif, made up my face and did my hair in a 40´s kind of look.

I used to go to the theatre a lot, but in the last 5-6 years I haven´t. I really looked forward to this and bought TOM tickets as a Christmas pressie, and tried to choose something he would like. It felt appropriate to dress up as the play we went to see was called Diplomacy and the setting was Paris on Aug 25 1944. A really interesting story based on true events, when the Swedish diplomat Raoul Nordling managed to persuade the German general

von Cholitz not to carry out the orders from Hitler to destroy Paris in a last attempt to stop the allied troups. The Germans had already placed bombs all over the city, and the plan was to totally destroy bridges and all the famous landmarks and let the water do the rest…

Raoul Nordling was awarded one of the finest and rarest of French medals after the war and was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Paris, together with Churchill and Eisenhower.

I have to admit I had never Heard of him Before yesterday, but hade to google the story (TG for Google and Wikipedia!!) and found the whole story very fascinating. Really good actors as well, Allan Svensson and Tomas Bolme in the leads, and interesting to find that TOM, who hasn´t been to the Theatre for years and years, was totally immersed:)


On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me

…two turtle doves…

Well, as I told you yesterday we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve in Sweden, so Christmas Day is the day we sleep late, try to digest the gigantic buffét we had the night before (and all the snaps we had with it) and it is also one of those Days when you will finda lot of people outside, trying to walk all that food off!


We did the same, me and TOM, taking a walk along the waterline that we have really Close to our apartment. Last night we had just a tiny snowfall (quite enough in my mind!) and we took some pictures. I´m trying to channel Mother Christmas here in my new Emmy-coat. I have been searching high and low for a good wintercoat and this is perfect. Long enough to go over my dresses, and warm enough with a cardigan under. I do look a bit like a stuffed turkey, but hey! Mother Christmas probably was/is not a Victoria Secret´s-model anyways…


Please notice my little hat! I did a class for Marika Smith in November, a self-taught milliner, and this is what I produced.


The 12 Days of Christmas

So I realise I have quite a few new dresses that I haven´t shown you guys, so I thought I´d post one dress a day during the Christmas holidays. What do you Think about that?

In Sweden we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, an old heritage from the mighty Vikings, and we do it in style with a huge Christmas buffet (smörgåsbord), glögg (mulled wine sort of) and sweets.

As the Teenage Mutant spends his Christmas with his father, me and TOM decided to do a really laidback Christmas Eve, buying most of the food from a delicatessen and just relaxing with a glas of champagne:)

Merry Christmas You all!!