A few sweet wardrobe memories


I can´t just leave you with some boring Pictures of landscapes, now can I? This is my fave dress at the moment still, and it was perfect all through the holidays. It´s Trashy Diva, my go-to-brand. I also love the champagne-bottle!

Below you can see the Fever-dress that I also bought this summer (at the sales) and I Think it looks pretty awesome as well. I have not worn a lot of navy through the years, but I really think it could be my new “black” as it is a bit more forgiving when you get old and wrinkled:))

(Just kidding about that one, I will always wear what I like no matter size of body and wrinkles, hehe. )


The last day of summer holidays

2014-07-31 11.14.20 2014-07-31 11.38.28 2014-07-31 12.35.37

On the last day of our summer holiday we just took it really slow and stopped whenever we felt like it on our way home to Stockholm again.

There were some Beautiful places along our way, but I would most definitely lie if I told you this was true for all the area we travelled through! Just look at that first pic….so boring and still just as representative of the countryside as the other two pictures:)