On the road again…


The Old Man (or Darling as he prefers to be named) suggested we would take a few Days and go on a roadtrip. Assome of you may have noticed, I am not only a shopaholic I´m also a closet-writer. And for the last two years or so I´ve been working on a romance novel that transpires in the dark dark woods of Bergslagen, which is in the western parts of middle Sweden. Totally unknown territory to Tourists I may add, but who knows? Some of you might be tempted to go here?

Anyways, Darling used to live in the only bigger city out there for about ten years, but there were still big unknown areas that he had never visited, so being the magnificent travel-planner I am, I decided to plan a Little trip that would also act as an inspiration for my writing. Or research, as we closet-writers prefer to call it (and remind me to save the receipts to deduct from my taxes if I ever finish the damn book!)

I found the most Amazing place on the internet, which was to be our first stop on our roadtrip.


Nostalgibyn (the nostalgic village) is really a compilation of 50´s style houses on a plot of land, cared for by one family. It has a café (very nice), a shop and a gas-station (that one doesn´t sell gasoline though), a pub and also a stage where bands play now and again. All very 50´s. And still a work in project. The friendly owners told us about some plans and the hard work they put into finding original details to give the place life.


Here I am in a Stop Staring-dress, enjoying my favourite part of the village – the Shop! Some of the stuff here is for sale, but sadly not the hats…

If I ever did something about my Dream (one of many) to open a vintage shop, this is what I would love it to look like! If you want to see more from Nostalgibyn, they do have their own website: http://www.nostalgibyn.se