This stupid age-thing again…

Recently I have been searching the Internet for some style-inspiration. Now and again I decide to maybe go down a new route and be something else or someone else for a while, mainly because dressing to me is much like Theatre. You play a role, and depending on what I want to be I dress accordingly. Makes life fun:)
So…I checked out that best-dressed lady Helen Mirren, curvy Christina Hendricks, statuesque Meryl Streep and some of my old fashion Icons like Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor. And everytime and everywhere I turned I keep finding remarks about ageappropriate dressing. Stupid silly stuff that just makes me angry.

Why is it that ladies of a certain age is supposed to hide themselves but guys can look any old way? I hate those stupid remarks about arms and chests and thighs that older women obviously should keep to themselves. Even when people say they accept and celebrate the female form in every shape and colour, it seems it is something that is still just applicable to the Young female form. God forbid that a fat woman 50+ should ever be considered beautiful!

I truly believe that beauty comes from within, and if you live Life to the full and try to be happy you will be Beautiful. Because beauty is not only high cheekbones and slender legs, it is also something more ellusive that starts with what we, in search for a better name, may call a soul or a personality. And personality takes years to develop.

I also think that it is very sad that many of those commenting on older women are actually other women, and very often the young ones. But let me inform you girls, that if you are lucky and live a good happy life you will one day be older yourselves!  And you will then realise what you didn´t know at 25 – that life at 50 can be bloody thrilling and exciting too!