This stupid age-thing again…

Recently I have been searching the Internet for some style-inspiration. Now and again I decide to maybe go down a new route and be something else or someone else for a while, mainly because dressing to me is much like Theatre. You play a role, and depending on what I want to be I dress accordingly. Makes life fun:) Continue reading

I´m not vain, I just think everyone is looking at me

Well, last weekend TOM (The Old Man, but you should know that by now) persuaded me to go on a little excursion to Norrtälje, a small hamlet just north of Stockholm. The reason for this was The American Motor Car Show.

I´m not that into cars, to be honest, but he has very graciously and with no complaints, followed me on a few vintage fairs recently and since shopping is NOT his favourite pastime it was time to give back.


I look like shit obviously, so you can´t say that I´m vain when I show you these pics here on the Internet. I spent almost an hour on my hair, doing big nice curls. But the minute I walked around the show-area in the 30 C -heat, all sweaty and as you see windy at times, my hair decided to give up. In the end I just put it up in a ponytail.

The dress is Trashy Diva, the bolero is an oldie from Monsoon and the bag is vintage.
If you want to look at more American cars please head over to

Red wine and pink pelargoniums


I have got some new additions to my wardrobe recently:) This wine and pink dress is one of them, a Trashy Diva (heard it before?) dress, modelname is “40´s dress” and it has that vintage vibe that I love. I have been stalling this buy for ages, because I was not sure about the colour, but I think it turned out just beautiful! The fact that the dress matches my pelargoniums is just by chance, Believe it or not! The dress is a tad big, but nothing I cant fix, and having a dress that is too big instead of the opposite is quite a novelty:)


I also adore my new sunglasses which comes from a line designed by Dita von Teese (that alone is a good reason to buy them, maybe some of that glamour rubs off?).