Recent weekend and vintage fair in Malmö

This past weekend I managed to persuade TOM(The Old Man) to go to Malmö, in the South of Sweden, to visit the largest vintage fair in the country. Well, at least that´s waht the ad said, and I have to agree it was pretty big as far as space was concerned, but as long as we visited on the Saturday we didn´t see a huge crowd. Which is a bit sad, really, because there were lots of good stalls – both Swedish and some Danish, and I have to admit I did some frantic shopping!!!


I had my favourite Vivien of Holloway dress on (unfortuanetly no longer for sale) and I even did my hair properly! After all, at a vintage fair you expect some vintage, right? I was glad to see that I wasn´t the only “mature” woman enjoying vintage:) event though, as usual, most people were younger than me and TOM.
The event took Place at Amiralen, which is an old dancehall (now more of a Conference centre) in the middle of the Beautiful and fun Folkets Park, which is quite retro/vintage in its entire setting. Just look at that pink flower in the background!!