I´ts been a while

So it´s been awhile, but a lot of things seemes to come together to stop me in my tracks. Most dramatic being that my mother passed away after 6 years with Alzheimers disease. Even though you know it will happen at some point, it always comes as a surprise. Death I mean.

So I took a break from blogging and Writing and sewing to get things sorted out, but now I´m hoping to get back on track again!

Spring is well on it´s way too. But it´s just early days over here, so one day is gorgeous, another is just a huge set-back!  One of those chilly but sunny days (my 56th birthday actually!) I decided to take my new spring coat for a spin:)

This Beautiful White woolcoat is from Vintagevinden, a pop-upstore selling pristine vintagecoats and suits. Unfortuanetly I´m too big to fit into most things (I prefer curvy) but I have bought this classic coat with a matching scarf and a black trenchcoat. that just needs a bit of fixing…

Photo 2014-04-14 08 54 19



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