Recent weekend and vintage fair in Malmö

This past weekend I managed to persuade TOM(The Old Man) to go to Malmö, in the South of Sweden, to visit the largest vintage fair in the country. Well, at least that´s waht the ad said, and I have to agree it was pretty big as far as space was concerned, but as long as we visited on the Saturday we didn´t see a huge crowd. Which is a bit sad, really, because there were lots of good stalls – both Swedish and some Danish, and I have to admit I did some frantic shopping!!!


I had my favourite Vivien of Holloway dress on (unfortuanetly no longer for sale) and I even did my hair properly! After all, at a vintage fair you expect some vintage, right? I was glad to see that I wasn´t the only “mature” woman enjoying vintage:) event though, as usual, most people were younger than me and TOM.
The event took Place at Amiralen, which is an old dancehall (now more of a Conference centre) in the middle of the Beautiful and fun Folkets Park, which is quite retro/vintage in its entire setting. Just look at that pink flower in the background!!



Can´t help myself

ImageI just had to publish this photo of my sweetie Molly, proud and cat and 13 years old. She is really hard to photograph, but this time TOM really did it, don´t you agree?


I´ts been a while

So it´s been awhile, but a lot of things seemes to come together to stop me in my tracks. Most dramatic being that my mother passed away after 6 years with Alzheimers disease. Even though you know it will happen at some point, it always comes as a surprise. Death I mean.

So I took a break from blogging and Writing and sewing to get things sorted out, but now I´m hoping to get back on track again!

Spring is well on it´s way too. But it´s just early days over here, so one day is gorgeous, another is just a huge set-back!  One of those chilly but sunny days (my 56th birthday actually!) I decided to take my new spring coat for a spin:)

This Beautiful White woolcoat is from Vintagevinden, a pop-upstore selling pristine vintagecoats and suits. Unfortuanetly I´m too big to fit into most things (I prefer curvy) but I have bought this classic coat with a matching scarf and a black trenchcoat. that just needs a bit of fixing…

Photo 2014-04-14 08 54 19