Finally, my last deadly sins!

I guess it says something about my personality (and probably something about my total lack of any religious up-bringing) that I never remember all the deadly sins…I Always have to look them up!

So I have done gluttany, lust and greed. Now to my favourite when on holiday: SLOTH!

I love that English word (and not just the implication). And it means laziness. Sloth has also been defined as a failure to do things that one should do. Which is perfect for me.

So, the first pic is symbolizing Sloth, simply because sitting in that loungebar and sipping Bellinis and watching the World pass me by is just my perfect sloth-time!


I guess I could come up with quite a few Vanity-related pictures. But unfortuanetly my Vanity is getting the better of me, and you won´t see them! Unfortuanetly TOM (the Old Man) thinks I´m pretty in all sorts of situations that I´m not (bless him!)…

And finally Wrath – well, there is Always something that can annoy you on a holiday. In my case I was really upset with the Windsor Taxi-Company who sent me a mail confirming the cost of a pickup at Heathrow, but when it was time to pay up the trip was suddenly 5 Pounds more! Not the end of the world, but it´s Always annoying to feel that you have been screwed, right?

Now my next holiday will not be until summer. I´ll be going to Gamescon in Cologne with the Teenage Mutant Monster – be still my heart as I wait in anticipation!