Such a lovely little holiday!

2014-03-08 11.58.46-2

For the 4 1/2 years that TOM and me have been together it has become a bit of a tradition to travel somewhere around his birthday. As his birtday just happens to be March 8th (and this beeing the International Women´s Day, which between you and me is rather funny as TOM is all male) it is just the perfect time to Catch a bit of Spring Before it comes to us in Sweden.

This year we Went to Windsor, just outside London and we were really lucky to get some really fantastic days of Spring! TOM, who happens to be an aficionado of castles, loved Walking around Windsor Castle State apartments on his birthday, and we also walked down to Eton and the famous boys school.

There will be more Windsor pics soon,I hope. Including some of me in my finery. I TRIED very very hard to pack light, but I´m sorry to say I failed miserably.