Weekend planner

So this weekend has been filled with boring stuff – like housecleaning, laundry and my most hated actvity:Ironing…

The thing is, when you have lots of pretty dresses the pile waiting to be ironed can grow pretty big. And if you Think boring stuff gets less boring because you grow older – Think again! It doesn´t. You just realise that boring stuff needs to be done. At some Point.

And this weekend I have been planning. Planning a trip that me and TOM (The Old Man) are going to do later this week (it´s a secret for now, but it´s gonna be fun!) and planning the packing (which is less fun but needs to be done) and starting to plan my sewing projects.

I had a bit of a splurge in my local fabric-shop the other day, so I decided to take out the unused fabrics and check what I have.

2014-03-02 16.51.07

Hmm – there is definitely a blue theme going on, right? Well, it is a nice change from black I guess! Some of the patterns have a bit of red or dark pink, so I might pick that up in accessories.

2014-03-02 16.51.18

These are what I´m planning to use for my pencilskirt and portrait-blouse. I have a tendency to change my mind, so let us see what will finally be:) At least I have now traced the patternpieces and made some adjustments. Next step will be a muslin. Don´t expect to see any more sewing projects for at least a month! I´m a newbie, after all.