Daily outfit!

I bet you thought I´d given up?

Nope, not me!

But ofcourse I´ve had a lot on my plate this week and with the Jenny-Project done and over with (a different outfit every day until my colleaugue Jenny left for a new position) I needed to rest a bit. But there are still outfits in my wardrobe to share.

Actually, I´m almost a bit embaressed by the amount of stuff I have. Because this Project has highlighted the fact that I just can´t say “I have nothing to wear today!” anymore. Unless Everything is dirty and needs a wash. Or I get to fat to fit anything. Both very good ideas if you want to renew a wardrobe!!

Well, I have no problems with my curvy body. It takes all sizes to make up this world, and this is me:)

2014-02-28 11.37.52

Some dresses and SHAPEs look better than others, I admit. I´m not sure about this one as far as looks go, I really need to loose the potbelly:)) But it is very COMFY! Dress was made by Mrs Murphy, a designer who only made one single line for fun and sold them in the Daisy Dapper-shop in Stockholm. There were 4 different designs if I remember correctly, and then there were no more. To bad, because they were all lovely.  Bolero is from Monsoon.