Daily outfit: Dotted Wednesday

2014-02-19 10.20.262014-02-19 10.21.14

I felt a bit nostalgic today so I Went for my navy blue cotton dress with the white piping. It´s really a summerdress ofcourse, but works for winter with a bolerocardi on top. The dress is from the brand Pepperberry, and they make dresses for girls with boobs:))

I only own a couple dresses from Pepperberry, but they are all of superb quality and qguite good priced as well! Unfortuanetly they make “modern” clothes, so the skirts are often a little shorter than I would´ve preferred.

I couldn´t help myself – I had to show a picture of my new comb/hairjewellery that I bought this Saturday at the Sewing Festival (it was not all about sewing!). It´s really two combs and on the webpage  (www.kikis.se) are a lot of tricks and pics to help you style it. I just tried it as simple as possible, but will let you know how it works in other hair-do´s.