Daily Outfit: Conference Retro

2014-02-12 17.07.46

I´m sorry, but when I have to take selfies at home it will Always be in the bathroom! It´s the only Place in my apartment with enough light:)

Today I went to one of those Conferences that a professional sometimes needs to attend. In my case that means a lot of legal people and black, grey and beige. So I put on a military green dress (going to war?). It´s really darker in the picture than in real life, but it´s a reproduction vintage dress from Trashy Diva in a wool/jersey and I recently bought it at the sales. I have exactly the same dress in black as well (surprise!), but that one´s three years old and a real favourite in my wardrobe so I couldn´t help myself as I got this one for approx 300 SEK. It wouldn´t be half the quality at that price at H&M.