Daily Outfit: Sunday comfort

2014-02-09 20.36.08 2014-02-09 20.36.16

I bet you have them too, clothes that are really comforting. This is my Comfort zone-dress. A knitted black tunicdress with some really cute silk ribbon threaded around the neckline. It´s simple, I can let i all hang out and I usually wear leggings with it.

I bought the dress 2009 as my “Writing outfit”, something to wear the day off from work when I was supposed to write the Great Swedish Novel. Well, I did write two short stories that both got published, so it was not all bad. Maybe it´s time to get myself a new Writing-outfit and get my romance-novel on the road? As I´m Writing about a burlesque-dancer, what should it possibly be? Any ideas?