Daily Outfit: Weekend wagon

Saturday and I´ve pulled myself together a bit. This outfit is one of those summerdresses that wouldn´t make it into the office in February. The dress is from Tara Starlet, a nice reproduction brand that I have mixed feelings about. I´ll tell you why.

Their service is impeccable, the stuff I´ve ordered have been delivered in a matter of days, which is great for someone ordering from outside the UK. The materials are often great too, really high quality. But the sizing!!! Sigh.

First thing I ordered was a black skirt in size 14, which was a gamble because tbh I´m more 16-18 on bottom half (talking UK sizes now). But the skirt was perfect!

So next I ordered a shirtdress which looked really Lovely and this one, a simple dress with a gathered skirt in a fantastic noveltyprint with old cars and palm trees. Both in size 14 but with flared skirts (to accomodate bum).

The shirtdress had to be sent back, it was so small I couldn´t even squeeze half of my boobies in there…such a disappointment and it cost me 90 SEK (approx 8 £) to send it back. This dress was too big (!) in the top half, but the skirt worked of course. I just love fabric so I decided to keep it and will alter the top at some point. For now I´ve put my blueberry bolero on top.

So, you see why I´m a bit hesitant about this brand. But if you´re ready to take a gamble, they have some truly original designs and good quality! 2014-02-08 16.21.02