Whats next? A few ideas.

I have been pondering what to do next, as my Jenny-Project has come to a close. And here are my thoughts.

I have been sewing a bit this autumn, mostly because in my work I write a lot and my main hobby is also writing and I simply need to relax doing something totally different. Combining fashion and a bit of budget-planning lead to taking up sewing after many, many years. I really am a beginner again. So I looked on the internet and found a number of interesting and inspiring ladies who sew vintageinspired or even real vintagepatterns. Being a large-framed girl I really like this, as “real” vintage clothes so often are in small sizes, and hunting for reproduction clothes not always get you what you want!

Among those bloggers I started to read was Gertie and her http://www.blogforbettersewing.com/ and ofcourse the accompanying book, which I just got.  Apart from being a useful handbook for a beginner, it also has a variety of patterns to try. And my new Project will simply be to sew myself through the book!

2014-02-23 12.35.342014-02-23 12.36.272014-02-23 12.36.53

So the pencilskirt and the portrait blouse seem easy enough, and will be my new Projects.

More than that? Well, don´t expect me to give up my Trashy Diva-fix just yet! I know there is a floral Little number coming into the stores soon that just has my name on it!!!

Last daily outfit post:( ….for the Jenny-project

2014-02-21 09.19.49

I wanted my last post in the Jenny-Project to be something a bit different, so I choose this PinUpGirl-dress with big yellow roses. It´s rather old, at least 3 years by now, but they still have the model if you are tempted. I Think it´s really feminine and I Always get compliments when wearing it:) On top a cardigan from Indiska which is decorated with small golden Pearls. Nice but not the best quality (cheap!) would describe this brand, where I find ocassionally something vintage-inspired.

So what should I post for the next week? I still have a few dresses up my sleeve (pun not intended!) but will not do them every day. Would you like a post on my fave Internet hangouts?


Daily Outfit: Thursday night is party night!

So that´s a bit delayed, I admit, But last night we had a party for Jenny, my colleauge who´s going on to new challenges and with whom I have this little outfit-challenge! So I wanted to wear something festive, and ended up in this floral Trashy Diva dress in silk, which I adore. Both the dress and the silk!

2014-02-20 10.01.08

The cardigan is a new one (sale!!) from Fever and it matches my dress perfectly. You may wonder about all these cardis, but it´s damn Cold here over here in Stockholm and I wouldn´t survive without them.

Daily outfit: Dotted Wednesday

2014-02-19 10.20.262014-02-19 10.21.14

I felt a bit nostalgic today so I Went for my navy blue cotton dress with the white piping. It´s really a summerdress ofcourse, but works for winter with a bolerocardi on top. The dress is from the brand Pepperberry, and they make dresses for girls with boobs:))

I only own a couple dresses from Pepperberry, but they are all of superb quality and qguite good priced as well! Unfortuanetly they make “modern” clothes, so the skirts are often a little shorter than I would´ve preferred.

I couldn´t help myself – I had to show a picture of my new comb/hairjewellery that I bought this Saturday at the Sewing Festival (it was not all about sewing!). It´s really two combs and on the webpage  (www.kikis.se) are a lot of tricks and pics to help you style it. I just tried it as simple as possible, but will let you know how it works in other hair-do´s.


Daily outfits: Saturday sewing festival

2014-02-15 11.59.442014-02-15 11.59.22

Interesting picture of me in my purple little number:) And with my sewing machine appropriately placed on the table.

I don´t know the brand of the dress, it´s French and in a shop Downtown I bought twoferone – the other one is (surprise!) black and wrapped!

Today I went to Syfestivalen (The Sewing Festival) and it was my first time. Will not be the last…so tempting to go overboard on fabrics and haberdashery of all kinds! I bought an obscene amount of vintage buttons and 2,5 metres of a great woolblend fabric that I think will make a great shirtdress at some point. So a good day:)

And now it´s one week left of my challenge with Jenny: A new outfit every day for 30 Days…what will happen after that I wonder?

Daily Outfit: Made by Me

2014-02-14 09.59.49

Same old same place in the office for this photo. But the dress was made by ME!!! Yes, it´s number 2. I´ve made 2 dresses in the last 3 months, and this is one:)

Fabric in the top is from 20th Century Cloth and if you are sewing yourself and like vintage inspired patterns, check them out!


Its a Frankenpattern, which means its part pattern1 and part pattern2. Or rather the top is a blouse and the bottom is just a gathered skirt. Hope you like it!

Daily outfit: Legally yours


Another Little black dress, but this time with atwist – a big pink bow! Dress from Stop Staring and Modcloth.

I Think this is a perfect example that you can dress work-appropriate but still look a Little different than the crowd. And I´m not a crowd-pleaser:)


Daily Outfit: Conference Retro

2014-02-12 17.07.46

I´m sorry, but when I have to take selfies at home it will Always be in the bathroom! It´s the only Place in my apartment with enough light:)

Today I went to one of those Conferences that a professional sometimes needs to attend. In my case that means a lot of legal people and black, grey and beige. So I put on a military green dress (going to war?). It´s really darker in the picture than in real life, but it´s a reproduction vintage dress from Trashy Diva in a wool/jersey and I recently bought it at the sales. I have exactly the same dress in black as well (surprise!), but that one´s three years old and a real favourite in my wardrobe so I couldn´t help myself as I got this one for approx 300 SEK. It wouldn´t be half the quality at that price at H&M.