The Meat-fest: Dinner at AG

So just needed to update on the restaurant we Went to Saturday night.

AG is a meat-restaurant and by many considered THE meat-Place in Stockholm.

We booked a table about a month ago, and never having been Before I was surprised to find the restaurant was in a normal building and that we needed to enter a corridor and work our way up one or two stairs to the place. It has obviously been a silver smith´s shop Before, and the rustic elements has been kept in the decor, making it sort of noisy.

The restaurant is divide into two parts, a bar with tapas-menu and the actual restaurant. I must say the service was excellent, friendly and professional. And the meat was sensational!!! We had the most expensive piece of meat ever, and it was so totally worth it. Melted in my mouth literally!

I wouldn´t recommend the coctails unless you like boozy drinks, but there is a nice selection of beers and wine.

We will defintely go again, and for a Tourist in Stockholm wanting to experience the new Swedish chefs, I highly recommend AG.