Three things right now


I have a new project going as both my French course and my Writing Romance course got cancelled. I want to learn to bake.

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whoopee we are all going to die!


My tomatoes will soon be harvested and summer will be over.

I needed a sort of a cheerful headline to this piece, because last night I watched a documentary on the Woodstock-festival and this morning I read in the papers that Peter Fonda had died, at the age of 79.  And both things made me weepy.

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Halfway through the vacation – brooding!


This pastry from Nordiska Kompaniets Art Bakery was a total comfort food-moment yesterday! The classic Swedish Princess-cake with a twist or two made with pink marsipan and raspberry-mousse and a little bit of meringue on top for fun.

I’m halfway through my staycation (or actually even a bit more…) and I’m starting to get the job-stress back. It was totally brought on by a Facebook-post from a colleague who wrote about having to go back to the office during his vacation…Not sure if he just wanted to show off, being a good boy and all that, but it really stressed me out. Do I need to check my job-phone and look at all the e-mails? Nope, not gonna happen. Especially since I know my boss will not do anything of the sort, and he is off for another ten days.

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A peak in my closet


I couldn’t help myself, this pic of my old, fat, constipated cat Molly is reflecting my own sentiments at the moment. Considering my options and not sure I like what I see in the world right now.

She’s 15 now and realistically she’s a very old cat now. Just gonna make sure she holds on another few years. So I’ve fixed her constipation after some Googling and some getting-a-mini-syringe-and-stuffing-with-laxative-thingy, and now I’m putting her on a diet. I just don’t know why she got so fat, I’m not feeding her more than I should, I think. But I guess a vet would disagree, so no more snacks for you, mylady!

Actually no more snacks for me either. I have once again started a battle against old age and fat and tiredness. I’m taking to the gym to strengthen up and fix my knees (not fixing the really, arthritis can’t be fixed, but getting rid of the constant pain) and if I get stronger and loose some weight in the process – that won’t be too bad either.

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Final days in Andalucia


Two months later and I’m writing my final installment about this trip! Well, I’ve been thorough, you have to give me that!

I will be back with some news (what to do with a constipated cat, how about that topic?) and some wardrobe news, but first I want to share the last two days of my trip to Andalucia and the places I saw – Cadiz and Ronda.

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The most beautiful place


I’m having a hectic time at work, but when I looked back at the photos from my trip to Andalucia I realized there are still some I want to share with you (and to be honest, its kind of my diary as well!). So I will try and finish this, even though you probably are pretty bored by now:). So today I will show you the most beautiful place I visited: Alkazar.

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Seville – and I didn’t get a haircut!


This travel diary from Andalusia is taking forever! But honestly, so much happened in that week and I saw some really amazing places, so forgive me! At the moment Spring has sprung again and I have a crazy busy time at work. That week in Spain seems a long, long time ago.

We stopped in Seville for two nights so the tempo was not as hectic. But it was of course in Seville I got my cough so after those two days I was a bit under the weather.

I really liked Seville, a big vibrant city with interesting architecture and some big parks. The first big building we stopped to admire was built in honor of a big Fair in the 1920´s and the square had loads of beautiful tile artwork depicting history and different parts of Spain and South America. Close by was the beautiful park that intrigued me and I took lots of pictures here. So enjoy!

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Its Monday – so this must be Cordoba!


Its funny how when you travel in a group, getting marched from one place to another and everything taken care of, you suddenly loose your sense of time and place. It happened to several people in my group in Andalusia and even more when we came to the end of our tour. “Where we had that great meal, in Cordoba or Granada? No, it was Cadiz!”. I kind of remember a film (that I never saw but remember the title) when I was a teenager called “Today is Saturday, so this must be Paris” or something similar. Ofcourse when I was young I laughed and thought it ridiculous, today not so much…

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Continuing my Andalusian trip – Granada and Alhambra


View over Malaga from the mountains, Bye for now!

As you can imagine, my trip to Spain was filled with impressions and experiences, some I really haven’t processed until now because of my damn cough! I am still coughing and its been four weeks but thankfully I’m slowly healing. I’m back to work and will be traveling on Tuesday for the first time.

So because I’m having a hard time finding the energy to blog through work-weeks I will finally give you yet another installment of my Andalusian trip:).

This day 2 was one I had been looking forward too a great deal: Alhambra and Granada.

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