My first four days of my holiday is over, and I have only 32 more to go (yes, I KNOW! That is what a good union can do for you:)). So what have I been up to? Well…

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2016-08-16 13.23.00

First day out of 35 happy holi-days!! Let’s see what I can make out of them apart from sleeping and reading, which of course I need to do as well. Last year I travelled a lot, this year will be a stay-cation. But I am determined to actually explore, so I hope to bring you some interesting stories from places in and around Stockholm.

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A midsummer´s tale


I can´t be a Swedish blogger and not write about Midsummer! It´s THE biggest holiday in the year, and should rightfully be our National Day! (Now it´s June 6 and noone really knows why…I´ve had to look it up several times to explain it to friends abroad). Midsummer is a national phenomena and if you have ever been in Sweden on this date you know it.

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A Japanese love story and my May wardrobe


From the most horrible winter everything quickly changed and now it´s summer! Spring, my favorite time of the year, just made a quick visit for a week and then left. So when planning my May wardrobe and the 35 pieces to go into my kinda-capsule-wardrobe I need to consider warm weather, possible changes back to winter, a lot of job-related representation and just chilling in the sun.

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Changes and projects

On the 14th of April I turned 60. It´s not really a deal-braker, I still truly believe that age is just a number – but I guess every decade, and especially the point when you “pass over” is a good time to reflect on what you have done, not done and what you want to do, right?

I was celebrated by my new colleagues and the bouquet included this magnificent peony. I had no idea, but as it blossomed it also changed color. Kind of reflective of age….

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