Lazy Sundays

As a retired lady in my prime I don’t really need to follow a calendar. I can sleep all day and party all night. But even though I CAN, I don’t. And even though weekends are not as important as days of rest as they used to be, they are still pretty lazy.

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New in the city

I have lived here in Lund for a month now and enjoy it so much! I’m not sure if it is because of my PTSD from living one year in that terrible flat in Mariehäll, or if it is actually Lund, but who cares? For now it is what it is, and it is relaxing and being surrounded by beautiful lush greenery and nice people and good food that even sometimes makes me think I am actually happy!

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Damn I hate these new features on WordPress!

A view from my kitchen window

I am going to write a post without pics this time, because I am NOT friends with all the new stuff on WordPress and my photos just don’t upload the way they should anymore…The pics I hope you see I had to upload on the phone, and I really prefer to work on my laptop.

All of these problems will not help me as I had planned to write more often and they are the reason why I wrote such a short post last time! I guess I have to figure it out, but not when it is almost time to go to sleep…

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A new place and a new time

So I moved. From Stockholm and then 7 hours by car to the south and the small city of Lund. Not small, small – but in comparison to the capital…

I was totally stressed out as usual when I move, but not more than can be expected. Which is kind of funny as I also left more or less everyone I know including son. But I have always wanted to live in Skåne and because of work I haven’t been able to, well, work and shared custody.

But now its done. I’ve lived down here for three weeks now, and I’m certain I’ve made the right choice. It may not be my forever place, but its my place right now. And I feel content.

Counting down

Yes I know I come out as a blooming tree-enthusiast, but you have to understand that when you live in a country where nothing blooms for 8 months of the year, you do get crazy in the Spring!!! This beautiful tree I photographed while waiting in line for the first ice-cream of the year, another classic Spring-moment:)

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What keeps me busy


As the cherry blossoms are in full bloom all over Stockholm I’m a really busy pensioner. The creative writing-course is publishing an anthology, there are meetings and votes, meetings and votes. Democracy in absurdum in a way that you can get away with in a school but not in real life. It does annoy me a little bit, I have to admit. Probably because it gets in the way of my writing. But in one months time it is all over, and I will probably miss it!

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Easter Eggs and New Life

I´m not really friendly with the new WordPress-format, as it takes me forever to find drafts, images and edit. But I think I have to fill you in on my life now, because there are some major changes coming!

Finally Spring has come again, and like everywhere else in Europe we are still following cover-restrictions and waiting for the vaccines. People are getting impatient, and I get that, but hopefully it is just a few months left and then…

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Okay, so 2020 was s**t, now 2021 wants to top it!

Morning after I stayed over at son’s place we found this graffiti on the wall opposite his house. You can’t help but agree

It has not been a great start to the year. But as we keep our distance, wash our hands and stay home if we feel a hint of symptoms, I think we are also adjusting to the situation. I think that as hard as it has been to adjust, as strange it will feel as we will eventually go back to normal or rather “as it was before”.

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Christmas will come this year too, believe it or not!


Listen to this! Since all concerts and churches will be closed for now and over Christmas, Swedish Radio Broadcasting asked people to volunteer and sing in a Christmas choir. Its in Swedish, but even then its beautiful, don’t you think? Its been a strange year but we can still sing a song for Christmas.

And I am still crazy about those Christmas lights! As we have not had one day with sunshine since November (yes, its true!) we do need them around here.

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Adding a bit of drama to my life



I just finished 5 hours talk about our dramatic texts, and let me tell you – my head is soooo cloudy right now!  Walking home from school I pass through a part of town with old villas and modern houses, all mixed. Some gardens are meticulous, some are not and when I walk home, as it is already dark at 3 o’clock, I enjoy the lights.

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