Historical moments

June has given me a lot of historical moments. I finished my course in Japanese History (sigh, I’ll miss it so much!) and I visited Lund Historian Day and the Medieval Market. When summer comes to this university town you would imagine it would be very sleepy. When the term is over and students leave for summer holidays, not to return until September, everything should go into hibernation. But not anymore. The summer is filled with activities and I look forward to participate much more than last summer when we still was in the midst of a pandemic and I had just moved across the country…

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May mayhem!


Every four years there is a carnival in Lund, designed and orchestrated by the students at the university. It is an oooooold tradition, since 1848, and this year would be my second carnival ever. When I grew up here I visited with my babysitter, just before our family moved north, and I was 8. I can’t say I remember much of the carnival, but I do remember the crowds and a very embarrassing incident involving peeing myself because I was too shy to let anyone know I needed a toilet in the crowd. Guess, there was a life lesson to be learned there…

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The cherry and apple-trees outside my house is in full blossom, it’s so pretty!

Hello friends! I’m still totally obsessed by Spring down here in the south of Sweden, and enjoying every daily walk as I explore the town and discover new beautiful places. In Stockholm we had cherry-blossom trees and it was a real event in the central area of Kungsträdgården every year. Down here we have cherry but also apple-blossoms and the magnificent magnolias that has a problem surviving further north. Spring is probably the most beautiful season down here in Skåne!

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Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64?

Well, yesterday was my birthday, my first in Lund since I moved here exactly 10 months ago. I turned 64, which is a strange number, not really old but not really young either. Most people in Sweden think of retirement-age as being 65 or older (67 being the age when your employer can ask you to leave atm) but I have already been retired for almost two years, I have finished a year in community college doing some writing and I have moved to the city I have loved and adored since I was a kid. So what is left to do?

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Pieces of this and that

See, I can write regurlarly when I set my mind to it! I can’t promise I’ll manage to keep it up though…

This photo is from outside my university-halls and also the Museum of Sketches which is just opposite. I loved this state of the girl and the hare and kiss she blows…

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As hats come off and shades put on

It’s not the best photo ever taken, but this is actually as the hat/roof/spire of the church is taken down for renovation in my hometown of Lund last week. This was actually THE event of the week, as the Cathedral has been around for a 1000 years and the roof of the two towers has been there since 1850. So it will most probably be a once-in-a-lifetime-event for me…

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A human being or a turd?

Outside the community hall the Ukrainian flag is proudly waving in the windy Spring weather. On the market square people are gathering on the weekends showing support for the Ukrainian people. Not because they believe they can persuade Putin to stop the war, but because this feeling of total helplessness needs an outlet, you need to do something, right?

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Surviving the bubble?

So all the recommendations on social distancing etc has been cancelled except for those who refuse to get vaccinated. Thankfully they are few (but loud!) in Sweden, so things are slowly getting back to “normal”. But will it ever?

As I am slowly trying to reset my mind I realize that there are things I’ve been very comfortable with. I’m not a very extrovert person, rather introvert actually but with sociable manners, and I have had few problems surviving on my own. Now I find it rather hard to acknowledge that I am in fact rather alone in a new city and am supposed to throw myself into a social life I do not have. And am not sure I want.

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Twinkle, twinkle…

The beautiful trees are coming up around town, this one is outside the Grand Hotel (yes, we have one of those in Lund!) and it makes my heart flutter every time I pass it, as it is so beautiful! I managed to take a photo with snow, but here in the south of Sweden snow usually disappears as fast as it arrives. To be honest that’s how I like it, my wobbly knees don’t like to handle slippery streets…

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