Alone is a five-letter word

This weekend I had to say goodbye to Molly. She was 15 in July and that would be approx 76 in cat-years. A senior who hasn’t been feeling very well lately, so it should not be a shock but it was. She has been my companion during this isolated time and a wonderful friend, always snuggling and sleeping close. Life will be a very lonely place without her for sure.

Late as always, but what is my excuse?

Sorry! I’m hopeless at writing on a regular basis, but at least I turn up again, right?

I´ve had a warm summer, and rather miserable overall. Seems I moved in a flat with a neighbor from hell, a true party-animal who prefers to party in the middle of the night between 2-5.30. Yes, I have spoken to the landlord and I have spoken to her, but my conclusion is I will have to look for a new place. That will take some time, since the housing-situation in Stockholm is a bit mad. But I’m a woman on a mission!

Its a pity, but at least I have learned that I can live in a small space and that I really need some kind of outdoor living area with my flat.

For now I’m enjoying my writing-class and I have walking-distance to the school, so I can proudly sa that I have lost 5 pounds so far. Which was badly needed, especially since a high BMI is a risk factor where cove-19 is concerned.

I have some nice walks around here, so you will have endure photos of water and boats from time to time. Turned out behind this boat, on the other bank was a campsite for homeless people, so maybe not as idyllic as this picture seems. I haven’t seen one in years, but this is more suburbia than my previous lodgings. I realize that I have been living in yuppie-land pretty much…

Molly is getting old, and this summer we had to go to the vet. Turns out we seem to be in a symbiotic relationship, she also suffers from arthritis and overweight, so now we are both on a diet and she is on meds. She is 15 after all, so a bit older than me in cat-years.

These are such strange times for all of us, and still we move along trying to do the best we can with our lives. Son and I took a short staycation in a posh hotel, and a few city-walks, but we have been trying to social distancing as best we can. Sweden is now down to very low levels of cover-19, so I think our strategy was the right one for this very long run that we have.

In school we are doing most things live, but all tables in the classroom are positioned on a safe distance (we are only 16 students) and hand washing and alcohol-rubbing is mandatory and often. Because of generous regulations and the internet anyone with even a suspicion of symtoms stays at home, and partake of classes on teams or zoom. So far so good!

I will let you know more about my writing-course soon, and show you my very relaxed wardrobe in line with now being a cultural snob! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!


Midsummer reflections on my patio

I’m already one month into retirement and time flies! Some days I think I have nothing to do, and still the day passes oh so quickly! Ofcourse I’m doing my literature course online, but I have also planted on my patio and organized my wardrobe (moving made it necessary!) and tried to start exercising (still a work in progress!). Then suddenly it was Midsummer, and here we are!

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A new beginning!?!


Spring has been late this year, and because we have to spend so much time indoors, maybe that is just as well! A week ago it turned around and we went into Summer, just like that…

I had a plan that I would start writing once a week, on Saturdays, on this blog. But of course I failed immediately:) but these days I have a lot of time on my hands, because I have retired!

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Living on the edge


The lights are still up in Kungsträdgården in the middle of Stockholm, but it is looking more like Spring than Winter during the day. Some people have even spotted a few cherry blossoms on the trees. I hope this will not spoil the Cherry Blossom Day in April, because it is my favorite “festival”!

Another month is almost over, and I have to be honest, I’m looking forward to retirement a LOT. Work has been pretty demanding lately, and of course my boss has not planned ahead so there will be no cutting down on the workload before I go. The big difference is I don’t really care that much anymore. I do my job, and I try to do it well, but I don’t bother to get caught up in it anymore. Four months left!

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Out and about in the cold

November was a busy busy month for me at work as I travelled from Östersund and Sundsvall and Umeå in the North to Malmö and Lund in the South for work. In the north the snow was already a fact, and in the south the grass was still green. It is when traveling like that you realize what distance it is between the far north and far south of Sweden.

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