And everything changed


I took this photo on my way to work in the beginning of February, and the light was just lovely. Somehow it reminded me that Spring was just around the corner, my move was just a few weeks away and I will be retiring at the end of May. Life was exciting and stressful but also filled with hope. 

Then everything changed. For obvious reasons. 

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Living on the edge


The lights are still up in Kungsträdgården in the middle of Stockholm, but it is looking more like Spring than Winter during the day. Some people have even spotted a few cherry blossoms on the trees. I hope this will not spoil the Cherry Blossom Day in April, because it is my favorite “festival”!

Another month is almost over, and I have to be honest, I’m looking forward to retirement a LOT. Work has been pretty demanding lately, and of course my boss has not planned ahead so there will be no cutting down on the workload before I go. The big difference is I don’t really care that much anymore. I do my job, and I try to do it well, but I don’t bother to get caught up in it anymore. Four months left!

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Out and about in the cold

November was a busy busy month for me at work as I travelled from Östersund and Sundsvall and Umeå in the North to Malmö and Lund in the South for work. In the north the snow was already a fact, and in the south the grass was still green. It is when traveling like that you realize what distance it is between the far north and far south of Sweden.

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The climate challenge

Well, it is quite challenging to get dressed in the morning these days for many reasons.

I have a really bad episode with my arthritis, and can hardly walk at times, even less bend down and get my shoes on. It is rainy, sunny, cold and warm in the same day so choosing outerwear has been a struggle too. Now it seems it is finally settling to be cold, and that makes it easier!

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Halfway through the vacation – brooding!


This pastry from Nordiska Kompaniets Art Bakery was a total comfort food-moment yesterday! The classic Swedish Princess-cake with a twist or two made with pink marsipan and raspberry-mousse and a little bit of meringue on top for fun.

I’m halfway through my staycation (or actually even a bit more…) and I’m starting to get the job-stress back. It was totally brought on by a Facebook-post from a colleague who wrote about having to go back to the office during his vacation…Not sure if he just wanted to show off, being a good boy and all that, but it really stressed me out. Do I need to check my job-phone and look at all the e-mails? Nope, not gonna happen. Especially since I know my boss will not do anything of the sort, and he is off for another ten days.

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