Mulling things over


Christmas is coming. The trees will soon be up and glittering in the small alley I walk to work every day.

I have taken a break from blogging to mull things over. Not blogging so much as life itself, but I have noticed that a few of my fave bloggers has left and are now just doing Instagram or youtube. Will I do the same? Nope. To me words will surpass photos any days, at least the kind of photos that seem to invade Instagram. I just think you would get bored watching my face over and over and over…

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Ca va bien? Je vais bien!


Pardon my French, but I’m taking classes now, and need to practice:). Every Saturday I meet up for four hours with my study-group and my teacher, a very tall and very sweet and very patient man with French-Swedish origins.

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Pain is a bitch


I´m in pain. Literally. Arthritis in my knees, and now recently in my feet is making every step I take a struggle. I do know its not something that is going to kill me, and I also know I’m having a bad period and it will hopefully get better – but constant pain is a bitch.

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My messy wardrobe


Dress Boden (a few years back) and handbag from Guess (bought really really cheap at the airport in Lisboa!)

Actually that is just clickbait, my wardrobe is in perfect order! Too many things, too many wardrobes (5!) but in perfect order:). I am slowly, slowly selling off things I will never use again, but my separation angst is sometimes overwhelming!

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Ramblings about aging from the balcony


So today it is finally a grey, rainy day and I hope for Nature´s sake and my own sanity that it will keep on raining for a few days! This summer has been the hottest ever, and not just in Sweden but in most parts of Europe. Except Iceland perhaps, they have had the worst summer for years…(remind me next summer that I should go there again!).

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This is what I feel like! This heatwave that never seems to stop (we have had 80 days of excruciatingly warm weather! So NOT like Sweden) is crushing me just like the baby dinosaur we revisited at the Natural Science Museum. Son is a big fan of this museum, and once when he was a little boy we even had a friends-membership because we went there all the time…the baby dinosaur actually snooze and moves, which was fascinating when he was 5, these days he passes by uninterested and his mom stops and sighs.

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2016-08-16 13.23.00

First day out of 35 happy holi-days!! Let’s see what I can make out of them apart from sleeping and reading, which of course I need to do as well. Last year I travelled a lot, this year will be a stay-cation. But I am determined to actually explore, so I hope to bring you some interesting stories from places in and around Stockholm.

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A midsummer´s tale


I can´t be a Swedish blogger and not write about Midsummer! It´s THE biggest holiday in the year, and should rightfully be our National Day! (Now it´s June 6 and noone really knows why…I´ve had to look it up several times to explain it to friends abroad). Midsummer is a national phenomena and if you have ever been in Sweden on this date you know it.

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